Select Curiosity - No Categories in Secret Talent of Pets Fall Edition
What is Curiosity ? Defined as a strong desire to know or learn something, or a strange, rare, unusual object. Inquisitiveness, something novel. So what does that mean for our contest? It is meant as a word to inspire pets to take a look at their pet side and how curiosity influences them. What does your curious pet look like when exploring headspace, do you get inquisitive, where are the squirrels when you are not barking at them, where does that hay in your stall come from? Do you get creative, Singing or playing music like a bird? Do you get Mischievous, batting at the face of a sleeping partner? Do you explore and learn, using math to get the cheese out of the trap? We all have curious traits in what we do as pets. Don’t over think it. Start by deciding what talent you want to show the world. Use the idea of curiosity to help express your talent and show us what your pet side can do

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