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Purpose and Mission


Submissions Requirements

Contest Process

Content Release

Purpose and Mission

With events cancelled, Shelter in Place and Self Quarantine orders, and the closure of our regular social spaces, many Pets, Handlers, and Hoomans around the world are feeling isolated and disconnected from the community. Events and Community Social gatherings help us all manage anxiety, depression and other daily issues in our lives.

We believe that the best way through difficult times is with joy, creativity, and fun - and so, we are running the our Second Fall edition Pet contest “The Secret Talent of Pets” to bring pet communities around the world together to share themselves and their amazing talents. This is an International event, open to all members of our Pet, Handler, and Hooman community.


We believe:

  1. That pet play is for people of all genders and none, all sexualities and none, all races, all ages, and all abilities.
  2. That all pets are valid, regardless of species or other characteristics.
  3. That gear is not necessary to engage in pet play, but may be helpful for some members of our communities.
  4. That all members of our pet and Handler communities are important, including pets, Handlers/Trainers, and Hoomans/pet-adjacent people.
  5. That it is our responsibility to speak up against discrimination in all its forms, including but not limited to, that based on age, gender, sexuality, relationship status, medical status, race, ethnicity, ability, class, kink preference, or religion.
  6. That active, informed, and enthusiastic consent, supported by personal responsibility, is the basis of interpersonal interactions.

Submission Requirements

  1. Video
    1. Duration:
      1. Videos may not be longer than three minutes.
      2. Submissions longer than this time will be disqualified.
      3. Participants in the Spring Contest *ARE* allowed to enter in the Fall Contest.
      4. You are allowed up to 3 different video entries.
    2. Format:
      1. Videos must be submitted in landscape format (16:9).
      2. The resolution must be at least 1280x720.
      3. Please ensure that your video is in focus and ready for presentation as-is on a streaming platform (colour balanced, etc.)
      4. Please provide a transcript, in textual form, of any spoken words or written text that form part of the primary content of your video. Text that appears incidentally in the video (e.g. street signs, book titles, and other text that is not essential to the content of the video) does not need to be transcribed.
      5. Please ensure that any trademarks or logos are covered or are otherwise not visible in the final version.
    3. Restrictions:
      1. Please ensure that genitals are covered by opaque fabric or other material, including at least an inch (2.5cm) of opaque fabric covering the butt crack.
      2. In the interests of fairness, we don't care how nipples identify: please cover them, including the areola.
      3. No real or simulated sex acts are permitted.
      4. Only content that is in alignment with the beliefs of the Contest (as laid out in the Beliefs section above) will be permitted to proceed to the judging rounds.
      5. No entrant may be involved with more than three submissions, and no entrant may be involved in more than one submission to a single category.
  2. Other content
    1. Content release
      1. One person responsible for the entry will be required to sign a release form, which is detailed below.
      2. Please read the content release carefully.
      3. In particular, note that no person is permitted to publish any materials developed for the Contest Application prior to the completion of the Contest.
      4. Videos submitted for the Contest must have been developed for the purpose of the Contest.
      5. Please note that photographic identification clearly showing the date of birth of every entrant must be sighted by a person appointed by the Contest Producer (such as on a video conference call) if your submission proceeds to the final round. Any names, addresses, licence numbers , or other information may be covered or otherwise obfuscated if you wish.
    2. Bio
      1. You will need to submit a short bio, of not more than 150 words, which will be published with your video and used as part of the live broadcast.
    3. Social media handles
      1. Please provide details of up to two publicly accessible social media handles that you would like to be published with your video.
      2. Social media presences that are accessible with a website signup but without your needing to approve access (e.g. Fetlife) are considered to be publicly accessible.
      3. These may be subject to pre-screening for egregious violations of the Contest Beliefs (e.g. symbols or speech that promote bigotry or discrimination, evidence of violations of the law, espousal of wilful consent violations, or espousal of relationships that would violate the principles of consent or the law) prior to publication.
    4. Images
      1. You will need to provide at least two photographs that can be used for promotional purposes.
    5. Identity and eligibility
      1. We will also ask for your pronouns, the name(s) you would like to be addressed by, and your country/countries of residence.
      2. You will be required to assert that no entrant has committed a crime punishable by death or a term of imprisonment of more than one year in their home jurisdiction.

Contest Process


  1. Submissions will be screened by a panel determined by the Contest Producer for content that violates the Submission Requirements.
  2. Should the panel be unable to reach a decision, the final decision will rest with the Contest Producer.


  1. Should fewer than ten submissions pass through screening, all submissions will proceed to the final round.
  2. Should more than ten submissions pass through screening, the Contest Producer will appoint a panel of first round judges, who will each review a random selection of submissions against the scoring criteria detailed below.
    1. Each submission will be reviewed by at least three first round judges.
    2. Scores from the first round judges will be averaged, and used to select ten submissions to proceed to final round judging.
    3. If one entrant is involved with more than one submission, only the submission with the highest round one score may proceed to the final round.
  3. Those submissions proceeding to the final round will be reviewed against the scoring criteria by a panel of five final round judges.
    1. The final round judges will be unaware of scores awarded in any previous round.
    2. Final scores will be averaged by the head judge.
    3. The submission receiving the highest number of points by the final round judges will be announced as the winner.
  4. Judges will be required to declare any conflict of interest pertaining to any submission.
    1. Should a first round judge declare a conflict of interest, the submission will be reallocated to a different first round judge.
    2. Should a final round judge declare a conflict of interest, the conflict will be considered by the head judge and their scores may be removed from the average.

Live show and online vote

  1. Those submissions proceeding to the final round will be presented on a live, webcast show.
  2. Following the presentation of all final round submissions, a survey link will be made available publicly.
  3. You may vote by allocating preferences in order, with 1 being given to your favourite submission, through to 10 for your tenth favourite submission. Tie votes are permitted.
  4. You may only vote once; submitting multiple votes may result in your votes being removed from the pool.
  5. Votes will be aggregated using the VoteFair algorithm.
  6. The winner of the vote as determined by the VoteFair algorithm will be awarded the People.s Choice Award.


  1. Meet the brief (70 points)
    1. Each submission will be judged against the theme assigned by the entrant upon submission.
    2. For example, a .Make us laugh. submission will be judged on its comedic quality, a .Make us awww. submission on its cuteness, etc.
    3. 70 points are available in this category.
  2. Production quality (30 points)
    1. A further 30 points are available for production quality and evidence of time, thought, and effort going into your submission.
    2. We recognise that members of our pet community come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and have a correspondingly wide range of financial and other resources.
    3. As a result, evidence of time and effort shall be considered as highly as evidence of financial outlay in the awarding of points for this section.

Content Release

By submitting this application:

  1. I hereby certify that every entrant involved in this submission has attained at least 18 years of age, or the age of majority in their home jurisdiction, whichever is the greater.
  2. I further certify that no entrant involved in this submission has ever committed a crime punishable by death or a term of imprisonment of more than one year in my home jurisdiction.
  3. A further certify that I have the right to enter into the below agreements on behalf of all entrants involved in this submission.
  4. I grant Frank Taylor (.the Contest Producer.) a worldwide, irrevocable, ongoing, assignable licence to any materials submitted as part of my Contest Application, (The contest:.The Secret Talent of Pets - Curiosity.).
  5. I agree not to publish any materials developed for my Contest Application prior to the announcement of any winner of the Contest.
  6. The Contest Producer or their representatives may use any materials which I submit as part of the Contest Application in publications (including but not limited to brochures, booklets, videotapes, reports, press releases, websites, and exhibits) ('the Publication') for any purpose whatsoever.
  7. The Publication will be edited at the Contest Producer or their representative.s sole discretion; the Contest Producer may incorporate any part of the recording of me in the Publication.
  8. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished pictures or the method of their eventual use, including any related audio, video or printed copy that may be used in conjunction therewith.
  9. I will not retain any rights, including copyright, or interest in the Publication.
  10. I will receive no payment for the use or recording of my image, voice, biographical material or other information by the Contest Producer or their representatives.
  11. I release and indemnify the Contest Producer and their representatives from any loss, damage, cost, expense, or claim arising out of the use of my image, voice, biographical material or other information about me, including action for defamation, libelous material, breach of privacy, or copyright.
  12. I, based upon mutual covenants and considerations (including granting me the privilege of attending and participating in The Contest) will not hold the Contest Producer or their representatives thereof liable for any injury to my person or property during the period of The Contest and I further agree to indemnify and save harmless the sponsors, the Contest Producer and their representatives from any and all liability, injury or economic loss or other damage.
  13. I have read the foregoing release and waiver before signing below. I warrant my full understanding of its contents, and that I am of legal age to give my consent.

Revision Log

  • 2020-09-21 - Pup Sirius - Initial Publication

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