These are the many many title holders from around the world that are bringing you "The Secret Talent of Pets"! Because we are all the same, you will see us listed in random order every time you load the page (except our contest Alpha & Handler at the top). We are all excited to bring some fun times during these crazy times!

Pup Sirius

the contest Alpha
IPTC International Puppy 2019
Friendly & mischievous Boston Pup sniffing & barking around the World!

Handler David

the contest Handler
IPTC International Handler 2019
, Australia
International Handler. Pet Handler | Little Daddy | Queer Person/Ally he/they


Australian Handler 2019, Australia
Australian handler 2019 , doctor in chronic illnesses who specialises in Ms, Parkinson and HIV. My community is life and I'm proud to be alumni of APHC and the PAHs of the world.

Pup Snap

Illustrator, UK
Pro Photographer, Video Editor, Furry, Cuddly Puppy from London who was Runner-Up in Mr Puppy UK 2019


IPTC International Puppy 2017, USA
Dodger was the first Michigan puppy way back in 2016, moved on to be Great Lakes Puppy 2017 andIPCT International Puppy 2017/2018. Dodger is a fun loving German Shepherd Service Pup and has been a member of the community since 2013. He lives by the motto “Come play with me.” Encouraging others to get off the sidelines and get involved. He is always willing to lend a helping paw to a fellow pup or kinkster. Dodger is a huge advocate for mental health and believes we should not let our infirmities define our lives. If you can’t find Dodger just look for the green puppy wrestling around with other pups, dancing his tail and being his playful self. If all else fails just yell “Squirrel” and he will come running and howling. Dodger has sat on puppy play panels, taught classes and judged numerous contests across the world. Dodger is the founder of Great Lakes Kennel Club and is excited to be getting things off the ground and providing a safe space for the pups in Michigan and beyond. In his free time he enjoys reading, playing video games, watching movies, cuddling with his pup Otter and spending time with his bio dogs Maxine and Webster.

Pup Tag

Southern Most Pup 2020, USA
I'm pup Tag! Southern Most Puppy V and a highly excited Labrador.

Puppy Fifi

IPTC International Puppy 2004, USA
Proper circus poodle living in South Bend IN Moshing around the world!

Pup Thaly

Pup Germany 2019, Germany
Pup-Thaly (34) - PuppyGermany2019 Petplayer since already since 15 years. Thaly fights for visibility of pets in public. He is triying to play as much as he can in his life. He is no Mister because he said: "PupPlay is sexualityfree, agefree, genderfree and is for everyone!" He is a sweet and sporty puppy, which also tries to bring the society and the community thinks about important issues like the LGBTTHQ* rights in Eastern - Europe.

Pup Sada

Pup Netherlands 2019, Netherlands
My name is Sada, also known by the nickname Mini pup, and I am Mr puppy NL 2019. I'm fun, energetic little brat that likes bringing pets and people together however possible.

Pup Dodger (Australian Puppy 2019)

Australian Puppy 2019, Australia
Dodger is a caring and playful pup who enjoys time with his community.

Pup Deek

Iowa Pup 2020, USA
Pup Deek Iowa Puppy 2020 and Current President of Iowa Pets and Handlers.

And the webmasters/technical helpers

Pup Athos

Webmaster, USA / Mexico
woof woof I'm a New England (USA) puppy from Mexico that loves helping organize things with Pup Sirius and others. Into many kinky things (too many? nah!). During normal times I have lots of fun teaching classes at kink events. And sometimes I get to talk to astronauts for work.

Pup Sticks

Web & Illustrator, USA
A founding member of Wicked PAH in Boston. Drummer for two rock bands.

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