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Terms of Service

  • The event is free of charge.
  • No financial information will be requested at any point from any user; the organization does not have any financial resources at all to conduct any financial transaction at all.
  • Registration is required to participate in the event.
  • The event organizers assume no responsibility explicit or implied by you participating in the event.
  • You agree to provide truthful information in the entry form and do not hold the organizers reponsible for any omissions or incorrect information you supply.
  • The organizers are doing this as volunteers and obtain no remuneration or have any other interest, financial or otherwise, in the event.
  • The event itself is a community organized event with no ownership of any of its resources; all the resources are donations by the volunteers or the sponsor companies.
  • Because the event is run by volunteers, all help is done by individual vounteers on a "asap" basis, where "p" means possible, not fast. Please be patient.

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